Willow Creek Farms Trucking

Brandon Harrier                Director of Logistics and Safety  
Sitera Johnson 
                  Logistics Assistant                                  

About Us
Willow Creek Farms Trucking began in 2001, with two day cabs pulling an augur trailer and hopper bottom within the state of Michigan.  Since then, we have grown to over thirteen power units and use twenty-five trailers.  We run all the continuous 48 states but primarily operate between Iowa and Pennsylvania.  All trucks and trailers are late model and are satellite tracked.

Hopper Bottoms
Willow Creek uses hoppers designed by The Wilson Trailer Company with the lightest specs possible to allow customers a greater payload. All hoppers are less than three years old to ensure they maintain food grade standards and reliability. Our Hoppers primarily haul bulk commodities and food-grade products.

End Dumps
Both full-framed and frameless dump trailers are utilized by the Willow Creek fleet. Our framed dump allows us to haul 33ton of product in Michigan and 24ton of product out-of-state. Our frameless style trailer allows us to haul 25ton of product in or out of Michigan. The dump trailers can haul a wide range of products which includes commodities, fertilizers and grain. Both dump trailers are equipped with coal chutes that allow us to restrict the flow of product when dumping.

Dry Vans
Utilizing 53’ x 102" vented dry van trailers with swing doors, Willow Creek specializes in hauling agricultural products throughout the Midwest.

Liquid Manure Tankers
The Willow Creek fleet uses 8,000 gallon tankers that can shuttle liquid loads from farm sites to field applicators.  These tankers are also equipped to top dress fields as well.  Tankers are available for hire or rent.

Custom Logistics Plans
Willow Creek has the ability to pull a variety of different types of trailers. If you have trailers that need moved but do not want the hassle of owning trucks, dealing with compliance issues, or managing human resources... contact us. We can create a custom plan to pair our trucks with your trailers and professionally handle your logistic needs.

Partnered with Penske
Our long-standing partenership with Penske ensures all power units are professionally maintained and always in full compliance with DOT safety regulations. Being backed by Penske also guarantees Zero downtime for repairs. Should one of our trucks fail, Penske will have a replacement truck sent to us within hours anywhere in the country. With this type of service, Willow Creek can continue with deliveries and ensure customers receive shipments on time.

Powered by PeopleNet
PeopleNet satellite communication services are available on all Willow Creek trucks. By using PeopleNet, we can pinpoint any Willow Creek truck within seconds and report to customers the driver’s exact location and destination ETA. PeopleNet also allows our drivers to send information, such as BOL numbers or net weights, to management and customers directly via email. Satellite communications continue to be more reliable and safer than driver cell phones. In-cab scanning is also available when needed.

Covered by Air-Weigh
All Willow Creek trucks are equipped with digital readout scales provided by Air-Weigh. These scales allow for precise loading the first time. Air-Weigh allows us to haul the maximum allowed weight for our customers while still staying in compliance with weight regulations.